A Week Of Mainly Photos

Well I have done a pretty bad job of posting this last week but we have been taking lots of photos so please enjoy.

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A Weekend Home And Away

Its been both a busy and easy weekend at Harestone. The Trainer (JAG), The Boss (SAG), the Little Princess (Thea) and the two fat brown things (Tippy and Tinky) all went down to Cornwall! JAG has been judging at Liskeard Show doing the Hunter Classes and the Retraining Of Racehorses (ROR) Class. He saw some good and bad horses and caught up with his Cornish roots, or maybe they caught up with him? Regardless they made it home after a great weekend of showing and catching up with Cornish wing of the family.

For myself and Joe life hasn’t been quite so easy! We have had a full yard of horses to look after, on Saturday I went up to the gallops and watched Abbey Dore have his first canter of the season on it, he followed up behind Across The Straits and they both looked brilliant. Abbey Dore has just come back in to training after a season off and we are looking forward to getting him back up to standard. Along with working horses and cleaning up after them (which takes most of the day) we are also doing a lot of yard renovations at the moment. The place is getting painted a Farrow and Ball pink and all the edges of the yard are being re-concreted and later most of the yard will be resurfaced.

In racing news we have made an entry for Shot In The Dark for Bath on Sunday, this will be his first run for the JAG Team and of course his new owners, we hope for a good first run.

Bondi Mist has an appointment at 5pm with some potential owners, we hope to sell her on swiftly so we can do some racing with her.

JAG Judging the ROR Class at Liskeard

New colour on the house!

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A Welcome From The Trainer

Thanks to my eldest son Sam that you are now reading this blog. I have tried very hard to get into the new mode of comms, I am getting there even if it’s only to track what the three children are up to!

Well, as a family and small business, we have been here two years and after a very traumatic 2009,  I think  we all survived. The support from family and real friends really helped. From the racing point of view, we have had winners from here and with new horses and owners, we hope to move forward in the next 12 months.

Anyway, more from me soon. Anybody who would like to visit, please come any time!! There is an open house here with always somebody to welcome you.


Thanks for reading, please share this blog, comment and get involved!

Please contact us as always at jageake@yahoo.co.uk

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Another Day In The Game

Its all steam ahead down here at East Kennett, JAG is judging the Supreme Champshionship Hunter finals in Buckinghamshire and the rest of us have been hard at work getting the yard ready for the return of another horse (Rambridge Copse) while making sure all the other horses are getting their exercise in. When I say the rest of us it seems a couple members of the team are soaking up the last of the summer sun, they will be having their wages docked.

Sometimes a tan is more important than the horses…

In other news we had Dance With Me out on show, we think he looks great. There are also a couple of shares in him so if anyone is interested please don’t hesitate to ask!

Dance With Me on show with Joe in a nice pretty red jumper.

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The New Guys

Since this is a new blog and all we thought it apt to show you the new members of the string, we have four new three year olds here they are below in a cool little slide show!

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A Quick Introduction!

Hello all!

A big welcome from all of us down here at Harestone House! Its getting busy here as preparations for the jump season is well under way. The boss has been out all summer keeping his eyes peeled for some new additions to the string and has bought four new three year 0lds! But more on them later.

Just so you have an idea of who we are its time for a couple of photos…

This here is the trainer himself in front of an incredibly shiny horse box. (I may have cleaned it immediately before this photo was taken, doesn’t it look grand?)

Boss Man

Jonathan Geake looking trainerly….

And this here is the real guv’nor Serena (especially if you ask her) along with the youngest member of the team Thea.

Looking very smart, definitely not mucking out clothes.

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