Runners And Such

Hello everyone, sorry not to post for a while!

At the minute Jonathan is training, amongst others, Ballyman, Beware Chalk Pit and the new boy Sacramento King! Glens Wobbly has recently gone on holiday because we are now going into the jump season YAY! The boys are just getting into the hard stuff so I can’t really say when they will run, but I will let you now when they do!

The other day Micquus had his first hurdle race and he came 5th and he finished the line still fighting! Micquus will be going into the jump season with the big lads, so good luck to him! We are also training our lovely two year old home bred A Lasting Joy and she is starting to progress really well!

Post soon!


About jagracing

We are a small racing stables based in the heart of Wiltshire, only twenty minutes from Lambourn.
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2 Responses to Runners And Such

  1. bill says:

    hi you all long time not contact bill here hope you are all okay and come on lets have some big race winners out of this yard our i will have to seek employment lol good luck to you all bill.

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