Vets and farriers

Very important – vets and farriers – to any yard. It is really all about finding one you like ( and who likes you too….). It is so much easier if you believe every word they say and follow their advice accordingly, otherwise you are always looking for a second opinion which is expensive and tiring and makes you feel devious and disgruntled in equal measures! We are so lucky in that when we moved here to East Kennett, two years ago Caroline George agreed to be our vet. We know her well and both she and her practise, Lambourn Equine Practise, are well regarded in the racing world and not too far away! The Trainer regards her prognosis as gospel so a second opinion is never needed! We are equally lucky with our Farrier – Alan Turnell lives in Marlborough and appears at all hours to make sure the horses are shod. He has a lovely way about him and some of our trickiest inmates behave only for him…. Our mare, Tagula Song, is an absolute cow and at stud she has to be put in stocks to have her feet trimmed but when in Alan’s presence she preens and picks her feet up coyly before asked!

Anyway – today was a day for both! We caught both mares (phewf) Sir Kyffin’s Folly and Lady Bling Bling (caught by Nicky…!) brought them through the yearling field (chased off by the Trainer) and brought them in for a foot trim, pregnancy dating and worming. All went well and both mares were confirmed in foal, Folly to Sakhee’s Secret and Bling to Phoenix Reach! It is so exciting as until now we’ve been looking at them getting fatter and fatter and just wondering if they are doing themselves too well!

Now, to turn them out – through the yearling’s field again…. Wish me luck!


About jagracing

We are a small racing stables based in the heart of Wiltshire, only twenty minutes from Lambourn.
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