A busy day!

I was a bit disappointed with Shot In The Dark’s first run for the yard at Salisbury yesterday but Liam Keniry (who had ridden him in all his races) felt that he needed the race and needs more than a mile.

Mark Grant was in this morning and we made full use of him! He rode Micquus first lot and was pleased with his progression, although this horse is off to Antoinette McKeown’s event yard on 15th October (after her return from Holland). She will give him a holiday before starting his jumping education.

Second lot, Mark rode Beware Chalkpit and Carl rode Ballyman in a bit of work over on the all weather at Greenlands. This is a testing, up hill climb over six furlongs. The all weather was put in by Michael Bowlby for Heidi Sweeting, who subsequently sold the property to the Casini family. This gallop is located two and a half miles from our yard (a good warm up!) and we share it with a few other local equines (the most notable being Andrew Nicholson’s very successful three day event team – including Avebury, Burghley 2012 winner). Ballyman (Max) worked with his usual enthusiasm. Mark reported that ‘Pit’ was working much better than last season and we are putting that down to the fact that he had a throat operation last year which knocked his confidence and we felt that he wasn’t breathing properly but holding his breath and ‘snatching’ for air. He seems to have got over that and he is not too far off a run!

We had a breakthrough today when Nikki rode Bondi Mist for the first time since Richard Venn bought her for us from the last Ascot Sales. Unfortunately when she arrived with us she was pickled with spots all over her back, girth and breast girth area (she also arrived with a certificate of non- infectiousness!). We decided that as she’d had a busy season we’d let her have a quiet few weeks until the spots had gone! And today was the day! Across The Straits has had a few days off too so, ridden by the Trainer’s wife, they set off for a bit of road work and were both surprisingly well behaved!! Bondi Mist (Priscilla) will run on the all weather all winter – she is looking for an owner if anyone is interested! However, we will probably syndicate her! Ring the office on 01672 861784 or email Serena on Serenageake@gmail.com if you’d like more details or come and visit!


About jagracing

We are a small racing stables based in the heart of Wiltshire, only twenty minutes from Lambourn.
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